01. What is MYPART?

Cadets in formal uniforms

The Military-Led Youth Programme of Apprenticeship and Reorientation Training (MYPART) is a social intervention programme designed to help at-risk young men aged 16 - 20 years. It seeks to provide a Safe, Structured and Regulated setting within which at-risk young men receive positive mentoring and reinforcement, and rebuild their ambitions, hopes and dreams.

Cadets exercising and having fun

The ultimate goal of MYPART is to help our trainees: (i) Develop a Positive Character, (ii) Learn and enhance their Vocational and Military-based Training Skills, and (iii) Attain their Academic Certification, in order to improve their chances of attaining a better quality of life.

MYPART officially opened the doors of its Mausica facility on 2nd May, 2007. In July of that year, we welcomed our first seventy-five (75) cadets.

02. MYPART Programme Overview

Cadets in class with one of their instructors

MYPART is a full-time, residential three-year programme for at-risk young men aged 16 - 20 years.

The first year, called the Induction Year, consists of a three-month Induction period from July to September, and a nine-month Foundation period from October to June.

Please note that during the Induction period,
cadets are NOT allowed to visit their family homes.

During the second and third years, cadets receive academic, vocational and military-based training. The cadets receive their vocational training at various professional institutions and organizations, and transport is provided by the MYPART Programme.

02a. Cadet Stipends

For each day that the cadets are successfully enrolled in the programme, they will each receive TT$40.00 per day. Cadets may collect their month's worth of stipend payments at the end of every month, and are free to spend it any way they wish.

02b. The Developmental Project

Cadets participating in their Developmental Project activity

In addition to participating in the training courses, cadets must participate in ONE activity for a prescribed number of hours that is determined by MYPART Programme officers. The activity may be:
(i) Community Service,
(ii) Environmental Maintenance,
(iii) Culinary Duties,
(iv) Kitchen Gardening or
(v) Pisciculture.

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